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My Beloved and My Friend Praised!

by John ~ January 2nd, 2014

Our upcoming release, My Beloved and My Friend: How to be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses, is getting great reviews from bloggers:

Kimberly Huff at Natural Beach Living: “This book was hard to put down, I have pages dog eared, I have highlighted sections that I want to return to and I’ve shared several great passages with my husband. I love how Hal and Melanie Young shared their private life and the struggles that they have gone through. I felt like I was a special friend that they were confiding in and in return I was learning so much about myself.”

Phyllis Sather, author of Purposeful Planning at her blog: “Hal and Melanie have a way of writing that makes you feel as though you are sitting down and having a conversation with them. What they write is solid. What they write is Biblical. What they write actually works and is doable. They don’t pull punches or just try to make you feel good. They handle delicate issues with Biblical responses. Since we know that God’s word never returns void, we know that this book will change lives.”

Tiffany DeOs at The Crafty Home: “Tons of great info on not just being your husband’s lover but his friend and not just his friend but his best friend. … This book is one I think every married couple and engaged couple should read.”

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A Cry From Egypt in The Grand Story!

by John ~ May 9th, 2013

Just heard from author and publisher David Quine of Cornerstone Curriculum that A Cry From Egypt is included in their new release, The Grand Story!

From one of the early deep thinkers of the homeschool movement, The Grand Story gives students a solid Biblical foundation and history from a Christian worldview.

Click here to see A Cry From Egypt on the list of resources!

A Cry From Egypt in Tapestry of Grace!

by John ~ May 9th, 2013

We are delighted to announce that A Cry From Egypt will be a primary resource read aloud in the Tapestry of Grace Curriculum in this year’s revision!

Tapestry of Grace is a wonderful, literature-based classical curriculum created by Marcia and Scott Somerville.

Click here to see A Cry From Egypt used in this curriculum!